Back in the art ring: I’ve Entered the Minted X Domino Round 2 Art Challenge

Hi all,

It’s a pretty dang on good day around this here parts. It’s pouring down like crazy in Seattle. We haven’t had a good rain in a while. For real, it really doesn’t rain that much here like people think. So, I’m so hyped up about it. I’m also hyped up about the Minted x Domino Round 2 Art Challenge. I mean who doesn’t love Minted and Domino? These forces have joined together again for another challenge. What’s in store are some fantastic prizes for some lucky artists as well as the chance for people who love decorating to buy new goodies. I call this awesome of course.

This is my first time submitting art for their challenge, so I’m really excited about the process. I would be even more excited if you could cast your vote. Simply click on the vote button below and you’re done. Well, you could also spread the word to your friends and family.

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design on minted.

Wisdom Stones 6

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Check out my competition in Christmas cards and Save the Date cards at Minted.

I hope I win. Stay tuned for results. But in the mean time, peruse my portfolio and create your wishlist.

Take care,
Darnita 🙂