Got 20/20 Vision?


Burien Arts Vision 20/20


Last time I got my eyes checked, I did have 20/20 vision. Know who else has Vision 20/20? Burien Arts Association. Yep. This Saturday, November 19th is Burien Arts Vision 20/20 Art Party. What makes this party even more spectacular, is that I am one of the participating artists. You know how some women are the bridesmaids but never the bride. Finally, I am a bride. I’ve attended Vision 20/20 since I’ve moved to Washington and now, here I am exhibiting. I’m freaking geeked about it, too.

This annual event is one of the highlights for Burien and the Arts programs. Close your eyes and imagine a room filled with over 500 pieces of vibrant, intriguing, and amazing original works of art. Now, imagine them all being priced for $40. You read that right- $40 a pop. Not only is this party a great opportunity to wear your fancy attire and get your collector hands on original pieces at affordable prices, but you will also get to don your philanthropist hat and support a wonderful organization.

Vision 20/20 is a fundraiser that benefits the Burien Arts Association which supports ARTS in Education and the Linda Dougherty Scholarship Fund. The night is filled with great food, great convo, and a frenzy of a sale to grab the art you want in your clutches. It’s all fun and hilarity at its best. There is also a silent auction for some of the bigger works from the artists.

The fun all happens at the Burien Community Center and begins at 6:30 pm. The sale frenzy starts at 7:30. So be there early or miss out on the goods.