Hello there!darnita-new-web-photo

I’m the fractal artist, surface designer,  foodie, wanderluster, Kpop and Korean drama aficionado, licensed religious science practitioner, and author formerly known as Darnita L Howard.

In short, I am a “Purveyor of Beauty, Love, and Joy.”

A native of Washington, DC, I now reside in the other Washington.

My personality is a flavorful cocktail mix of:

  • 2 shots of spiritual guru
  • 3 shots of side-splitting humor
  • 3 shots of artistic and design flavor
  • 5 tablespoons of Kpop fangirl sugar and
  • a few teaspoons of gangsta.

Pretty cool, right?

I use this mix to bring you beautiful, vibrant, bold art, decor and more. I work in various media and techniques because the creative process is infinite and besides that I hate being bored. So enjoy!


A few more quirky bits about me:

-My mantra is “Life’s a party. Be sure to celebrate.”

-I believe I was a unicorn in a past life.

-I think everyone should eat sundaes on Sundays.

-I went to college to major in Chemical Engineering but graduated with a BA in Mass Communications.

-I would claim that I’m self-taught but really what I learned about art and design came as a result of Google searches, YouTube videos and cozy afternoons at bookstores.

-I hardly get a good night’s rest because my dreams are always colorful and action-packed. Just imagine hippies and samurai warriors as allied forces.

-I’m a die-hard K-pop and Korean dramas addict. Don’t believe me? I’m requesting sponsorship to send me to Korea for “anthropological research.”

-I am married to my soulmate/college sweetheart that is an amazing educator, baker, writer, and co-explorer.

-I love learning languages but still only know the basic level of Korean, French, Latin, and Spanish. Of course, I’m fluent in English (the American kind).