Got 20/20 Vision?


Burien Arts Vision 20/20


Last time I got my eyes checked, I did have 20/20 vision. Know who else has Vision 20/20? Burien Arts Association. Yep. This Saturday, November 19th is Burien Arts Vision 20/20 Art Party. What makes this party even more spectacular, is that I am one of the participating artists. You know how some women are the bridesmaids but never the bride. Finally, I am a bride. I’ve attended Vision 20/20 since I’ve moved to Washington and now, here I am exhibiting. I’m freaking geeked about it, too.

This annual event is one of the highlights for Burien and the Arts programs. Close your eyes and imagine a room filled with over 500 pieces of vibrant, intriguing, and amazing original works of art. Now, imagine them all being priced for $40. You read that right- $40 a pop. Not only is this party a great opportunity to wear your fancy attire and get your collector hands on original pieces at affordable prices, but you will also get to don your philanthropist hat and support a wonderful organization.

Vision 20/20 is a fundraiser that benefits the Burien Arts Association which supports ARTS in Education and the Linda Dougherty Scholarship Fund. The night is filled with great food, great convo, and a frenzy of a sale to grab the art you want in your clutches. It’s all fun and hilarity at its best. There is also a silent auction for some of the bigger works from the artists.

The fun all happens at the Burien Community Center and begins at 6:30 pm. The sale frenzy starts at 7:30. So be there early or miss out on the goods.

Throwback Wisdom Series: Forever Student

Prior to having my blog over here at WordPress, I hosted a blog on Blogger called “At the Art if It” for a number of years. While I didn’t post often, there were still amazing posts that always seem applicable after time passed. So, while I am no longer posting there, I’ve decided to bring some of that same great content here. In a series, I’d like to call Throwback Wisdom, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite posts. There is a bit of something that still resonates with me and something that may resonate with you as well. For the first post, I bring you “Forever Student” that was originally posted October 20, 2014.

Hi lovelies!

I have missed you dearly and hope your life has been fabulous since my last post. My design endeavors have been kicked up a few notches and I am beginning to feel like a forever student. There will always be something else to learn about designing, building collections, promotion and marketing, etc etc. And while my perfectionist ego would love to know everything at once before doing anything, I know that is not how life is. Therefore, I and my works will forever be a part of the creative and learning process. While this process can be tedious, it can also be a beautiful opportunity to grow and become better at my craft.

One such opportunity that allowed me to leap and learn was participating in a pattern design competition for an upcoming home furnishings company. The project entailed designing a six-piece collection with varying unique designs that fits the personality of the company’s customer. There was a grand prize winner as well as other designers selected to join the initial design team. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky winners. Yet, I am so totally impressed with myself.

Her Typical Day collection by Darnita L Howard

I am easing into my style and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I am enjoying the research process and following all these tutorials and guides about designing and making patterns. It is so much fun. I realize that I can’t get enough of patterns and that everywhere I go, I paying more attention to what others are wearing, how walls are covered, and seeing patterns in everything.  And that fuels my desire to design more and learn about shaping these inspirations into pattern form. It is okay to be a forever student. And I don’t mind telling others to do the same. So, what are you a student of? Share in the comments section.

Until next time, have a beautifully designed day.


Back in the art ring: I’ve Entered the Minted X Domino Round 2 Art Challenge

Hi all,

It’s a pretty dang on good day around this here parts. It’s pouring down like crazy in Seattle. We haven’t had a good rain in a while. For real, it really doesn’t rain that much here like people think. So, I’m so hyped up about it. I’m also hyped up about the Minted x Domino Round 2 Art Challenge. I mean who doesn’t love Minted and Domino? These forces have joined together again for another challenge. What’s in store are some fantastic prizes for some lucky artists as well as the chance for people who love decorating to buy new goodies. I call this awesome of course.

This is my first time submitting art for their challenge, so I’m really excited about the process. I would be even more excited if you could cast your vote. Simply click on the vote button below and you’re done. Well, you could also spread the word to your friends and family.

Vote for my
design on minted.

Wisdom Stones 6

see more from Darnita L Howard

vote for me!

Check out my competition in Christmas cards and Save the Date cards at Minted.

I hope I win. Stay tuned for results. But in the mean time, peruse my portfolio and create your wishlist.

Take care,
Darnita 🙂

New Space is Pretty Nifty: Welcome to the new site!

Hey there gorgeous!

I recently moved in here to the new and realized that a housewarming party was indeed in order. I’m so happy to have you as my guest. In this new beautified space, you’ll see some of my past and current art, designs, and other yummy creative projects. Totally awesome right?

Stay for awhile. Lounge around in the world of digital art, bask in the glory of handdrawn lines and curves, ponder which painting to buy, or take a dive in the pool of patterns. And of course, there’s plenty of goodies to purchase to make your life even more awesome. So, be sure to check out the Shop page with links of where to buy my art adorned products. Your colorful soul wlll thank you. I know mine does.

Again, glad to have you and to be a part of your awesome life.