New Space is Pretty Nifty: Welcome to the new site!

Hey there gorgeous!

I recently moved in here to the new and realized that a housewarming party was indeed in order. I’m so happy to have you as my guest. In this new beautified space, you’ll see some of my past and current art, designs, and other yummy creative projects. Totally awesome right?

Stay for awhile. Lounge around in the world of digital art, bask in the glory of handdrawn lines and curves, ponder which painting to buy, or take a dive in the pool of patterns. And of course, there’s plenty of goodies to purchase to make your life even more awesome. So, be sure to check out the Shop page with links of where to buy my art adorned products. Your colorful soul wlll thank you. I know mine does.

Again, glad to have you and to be a part of your awesome life.